Oh Canada (part 2: the conclusion)

Posted: August 15, 2012 in Nation pride

We take alot of criticism, we are often the butt of unflattering jokes and ridicule, mostly at the hands of the country we revere most (America). Our economy is so dependent on the US, that if they go down, guess who’ll be riding shot gun ?! You want proof of how closely tethered we are to the US?…then take a look at the following illustration that shows major Canadian companies as we know it, not owned or controlled by Canadian businesses:

Major corporations in Canada owned and controlled by foreign companies
American GM Canada, Ford Motor company of Canada, Wal-Mart Canada, Imperial oil (is 70% Exxon-Mobil), Ultramar fuels, Costco, Hudson’s bay Co (sold to an American investor), Sears Canada (now controlled by SHC(US), IBM, Safeway Supermarkets Canada, Cargill ltd, McDonald’s Canada, Pratt & Whitney,
Japan Toyota Canada, Mitsui & Co, Honda Canada, Nissan Canada,
China Asian pacific Canada,
Belgium Labatt Brewing Co,
UK Shell Canada, British petroleum,
Dutch ING bank of Canada
German Daimler Chrysler Canada (German/American)
Italy Parmalat Canada

Now I for one am glad that foreign companies want to invest in Canada, my question simply is where are our companies? Well considering popular companies like Tim Hortons for e.g. was sold to Wendy’s international, and CN rail is almost 67% US owned, it just begs the question what about us? To get an in depth view of this point, follow the link and read more!


This is an election year in the US, and whether we we wish to admit it or not, we have a vested interest in who wins the white house, God help Canada if we get another Bush/Cheney duo (easily the most arrogant presidency in history). So start watching CNN, do some research on Romney and his running mate (Paul Ryan), find out what policies are at the core of their campaign and hope that if Obama is to be a one term president, hopefully a president Romney won’t shred the Canadian interests to bits. i for one would like to know where does he stand on NAFTA, issues such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran North Korea and more, for Canada would like to avoid at all cost the ensuing mélée brought on by egotistical testosterone driven decisions, that could lead to a further escalation of war, and from our stand point, more Canadian soldiers lost.

Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia that put’s in perspective what is truly at stake if the wrong person gets into power in the US or Canada.

Canadian military deaths in Afghanistan

Since February 2002, 158 Canadian soldiers have died in the war in Afghanistan or in support of the war. Of these, 123 were due to hostile circumstances, including 95 due to improvised explosive devices (IED) or landmines, 21 due to rocket-propelled grenade, small arms or mortar fire, 11 due to suicide bomb attacks, and one died falling from a high ground position on a cliff during a combat operation that involved firefight. An additional 22 soldiers have died in accidents or other non-combat circumstances; 7 due to “friendly fire“, 6 in vehicle accidents, two in an accidental helicopter crash, 2 from accidental falls, 2 from accidental gunshots, 1 suicide death and 2 unspecified non-combat-related deaths in country. Additionally, one unspecified non-combat-related death occurred at a support base in the Persian Gulf. Canada has suffered the third-highest absolute number of deaths of any nation among the foreign military participants, and the highest casualties per capita of all coalition members since the beginning of the war. More than 2000 soldiers were injured during the war between April 2002 to December 2011. 635 soldiers were injured in action while 1412 were injured in patrol or non combat situation.”

They are our neighbors, though from their stand point that sentiment is not reciprocated. We are treated like the little brother that big brother doesn’t want around unless he needs a favor, yet as painful as it is to admit, we can learn alot from them. They stand up for their rights, they speak out (often out of turn) but nonetheless one has to respect a nation that won’t lay down and be walked all over. That’s what we Canadians need to do, if you need practice in belligerence, lets start small, how about speaking out to building contractors that rip us off, mechanics, plumbers, electricians who hand you a bill so exorbitant for the simplest of jobs, and once you start becoming proficient at ripping asses, let’s upgrade to the members of parliament, our municipal leaders, government at every level will learn that we are tired of bowing down, we won’t genuflect anymore. though you may be in power, we hold the ultimate power…that of the ballot.

written by L.Patterson (Smokin’Jam Productions – SJP)


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