Generation of prostitutes

Posted: September 15, 2012 in The new generation

I heard a good joke the other day, a group of guys were hanging out at the bowling alley, and after the game one of the guys asked ‘hey fellas, who sleeps around, lies on their backs with their two legs in the air and makes money?’ A couple of guys chimed in, almost in sync, ‘That’s easy…a prostitute!’ to which most of the guys agreed, except one, He said ‘That sounds like my oldest son’. So one guy asked him what he meant by that. He said ‘My son sleeps around noon, lies on the couch on his back all day with his two legs in the air on the arm rest, and he makes easy money, he doesn’t even go out to work, he just simply asks mom and dad, ‘can I get 20 bucks?’

Now this might be a harsh analogy, but I gotta tell ya, its damn near accurate for most dad’s with kids 18 or older, even me. My son doesn’t want to work, he doesn’t want to go to school, he just wants to get high at night or day, text, play Playstation and Xbox, hang out with his friends and hit his mom up for money, eat us out of house and home, and never contribute anything to the home except attitude. Sadly, but somewhat comforting…I’m not alone.

One guy at work told me about his step son, and that he thinks his wife enables his behavior. By not telling him to go back to school, find a job or human beings aren’t meant to live in their own filth, clean your room! I would agree with my friend, he said she even comes to her son’s defense if the step dad gets on his case. she claims that her son is no longer a baby, so stop parenting him and be his friend! Well…can I tell you, that it is hard to be friends with a bum, very hard, even if he is your own flesh and blood. And by the way, since he is no longer a baby, why are you still  breast-feeding him at 20 years old?!

Dads have to make tough choices no matter how unpopular, even to the point of your kids utter hatred and disregard for your existence. For me, I am Sponge bob square dad and i don’t apologize for being disgusted with a room that smells like a cesspool, for God’s sake, this is our home! I’m not renting it, I pay a mortgage, your mom works for a mere pittance to help make ends meet, every dime we make supports our home, so when I see a bedroom that looks like if Hurricane Katrina hit it, clean clothes mixed with dirty clothes, a stench so unbearable you would swear it was manure, “I should be his friend?!” How does one befriend a person who chooses to live like that? Unkempt hair, belligerent attitude, pants so low their damn near their ankles, no respect for authority and even less for their elders, this so typifies this modern generation.

Well I told my freind what I would tell my wife…’Honey, I am his father, I can’t be his friend’, it is my job to say the things he doesn’t want to hear, its better to hear it from me than a stranger or worse yet…a cop, or magistrate, it is my job to worry that if he has no discernible skills, no education what kind of trouble he can get into, and if parents are prepared to look the other way, we are not only enabling them, we are disabling them as well. What happens to our kids if we die? Where is the room and board then? What will they have to do to survive?

Old folks have a saying that ‘sound travels slowly‘, now from a scientific perspective, it is simply not true (sound travels at approximately 770 miles per hour), but from a life lesson perspective, it is so true, because your parents or guardian, or any one looking out for you would tell you something for your own good today, and sometimes you don’t hear what they’ve said till years later, or sometimes you never hear at all, because it was too late.

I say this with out spitting in the face of GOD; I for one am not looking forward to living a long life in a world run by this generation. I grew up revering and respecting my elders, I wanted to help my mom when i was growing up, not get a hand out from her, a man should have a sense of pride, it essentially is what a man’s supposed to be. One wishes that the sins of the father shall not be re-visited upon the son but rather that they be spared the agony, that is why fathers have to be the A-holes. We have all made mistakes in our lives and we want our kids to avoid our pitfalls, so they may not want to hear this, but we ought to be on them like white on rice till the message gets thru, though at the rate this generation is going, we would sooner see the grave, than their return to civility.

As for drugs, even marijuana (the recreational drug of choice), my stance is clear, if you are doing drugs of any kind, you have to be getting it from somewhere. Which means directly you are in contact with a drug dealer, which means by extension, your unsuspecting ‘drug free family’ are inadvertently tethered to your illicit association. Which brings me to the next set of questions, since our kids don’t work, where are they getting the drug money from? Are they selling drugs to support their own habits? Are they doing sex acts for it? What are they doing with your lives?

My favorite line from enabling parents is ‘We were once young too!’ well you know what honey, don’t you think we (the parents) should be the ones to tell our kids ‘don’t take that path?!’ If I was a car thief in my youth should I encourage my kid to do the same and find out the consequences on his own? I don’t know about you, but if I am headed south, and someone headed north stops me and says, ‘hey mister, don’t go that way, the sea wall has given way and the water is rising fast, you won’t make it!’ Do I say, ‘thanks for your concern but I want to see for myself’, or do I just turn round and head north? Or maybe I am the stranger headed north, am I not supposed to warn southern bound people of impending danger? or should I just let them meet their impending doom? This is our kids we’re talking about, they might be a generation of prostitutes, but they are our prostitutes! high five for Tough love!


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