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I’ve had it with insurance companies, the biggest legal criminal enterprise in the world, and we can’t do anything about it. I for one have a perfect driving record, driving over ten years, no accidents, no claims, no tickets (parking doesn’t count), but yet my insurance keeps going up every year.

I called the criminals to find out what the hell is going on!! To find out that even with my baron record, and all the applied discounts, my premium still went up by $25 per month due to the fact that there are a lot of claims in my area. What in the world does the indiscretion of my neighbors have to do with me?! I didn’t write off my car to get an insurance pay out, my car hasn’t been stolen or vandalized, I haven’t gone to a body shop asked them to claim for major damage repair then split the insurance payout for what was actually a small fender bender. What benefit do I get for being a responsible driver? Is this how the law repays it’s conscientious citizens?

And where is the bastard that we voted for and put in office to fight on our behalf? Why isn’t that filthy politician championing the consumer protection cause? I’ll tell you why, because he’s probably getting a check or campaign contribution on the side for vetoing the bill every time it comes up.

(True story) I was talking with a young lady who said to me, her step dad lives in Toronto, but he has family in Quebec, so he uses their address  and pays $700 bucks a year. So I corrected her and said ‘you mean $700 per month?’ but she remained adamant that she meant ‘per year’. In disbelief I decided to test out her statement, I went online, gave a fake name, with a fake Quebec address but kept all other info such as my sex, age, type and year of car, use of vehicle (non commercial), distance to work (oneway), no claims, no cancellations, no violations etc. And lo and behold when the insurance company emailed my quote it was for a mere $682.00 bucks per year. Yes, I said year! I was in such disbelief that I forwarded my quote to guys at work, who freaked.

In Ontario (good drivers), we’re paying upwards of $200 per month (a difference of about $1718 at the very least compared to that insanely low quote). One guy suggested a whole group of guys pitch in to rent a cheap room in Quebec, use the address and get cheap insurance. Whether or not he was serious, I have no clue, but I can say that I was tempted, but if something happens (God forbid), the scam would come crashing down on all of us, and I for one have never been to jail and don’t intend to go there either. Last thing I need is to have cops at my door with an arrest warrant for insurance fraud.

Smokinpro (L.Patterson)  (photo from Paladin security)